Contractor Draw Schedule

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I have a $150,000 project right now, and I am wondering what clauses, or what payment schedule people use to ensure that contractors are finishing projects and are motivated to do so through a draw schedule that ensures they are never being paid for work that hasn’t been completed. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Actual + Forecast Construction Draw Schedule with S Curve The contractor sends a "draw request" to you, you sign off on it. This is when a qualified and organized contractor comes into play because their ability to stay on schedule and complete the work.

Dave: You can structure a draw schedule almost any way you want subject to your lender’s approval. A few suggestions: 1. Hold back 10% retention on each draw and provide it will not be disbursed it until the prime contractor has provided lien releases (I don’t know PA law so I can’t tell you exactly what you’ll need) from all subcontractors, material suppliers and anyone else providing labor.

Kler said a best practice for paying contractors is to make a deposit in good faith, like 10 per cent up front, and draw up a detailed project schedule including materials used, that will see payments.

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DRAW REQUEST – fixed contract (current date) Between the Owner: Owner’s Name Address Phone Number And the Contractor: Contractor’s Name License Number Address Phone Number For the Project: Project Name Address Based on the Construction Payment Schedule, the contractor is submitting for a draw request

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The draw schedule is a detailed payment plan for a construction project. If a bank is financing the project, the draw schedule determines when the bank will disburse funds to you and the contractor. The goal is to make progress payments to the contractor as work is completed.

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